Updated Mods November 2020 Game Version 1.68

If you use my mods please keep watch on this post I will be updating it as I go through and check/update my mods.

Mods UPDATED for game version 1.68 list:

Magic Realm Market Stalls Inventory Fix by MonoChaos
Gardening Plants, All Seasons, No Glow, and 10 Harvestables by MonoChaos
Updated Cyclelegs All Beds Same Energy Mod

🟢 Mods cleared as COMPATIBLE list:

Take Selfies with Cameras by MonoChaos
Purchase All Fish from Fishbowls and Aquariums by MonoChaos
No More Parenthood Phases by MonoChaos
No More Stuffed Animal Relationships and All Stuffed Animal Interactions Unlocked

Mods Known to be BROKEN and I’m working on a fix:

Mods with a still UNKNOWN status: