!RETIRED AND LIKELY BROKEN! Take Selfies with Cameras

RETIRED as of March 17, 2023:
This is likely broken and will not be updated further. You may use this mod by LittleMsSam as a replacement: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/186985910358/

UPDATED May 28, 2021:
Now compatible with game version 1.75

UPDATED June 6, 2020:
Now compatible with game version 1.63
Now supports Moschino Stuff pro camera
Now REQUIRES v3 of the XML Injector tool. Link provided in the post.
Download link now points to a public post on our Patreon.

Hello fellow simmers,
Are you also annoyed that your self-absorbed Sims (or any Sims for that matter) can only take crappy small selfies that have a high chance at failure with their phones? Were you also taking selfies with a camera long before you had a camera phone? Well, today I bring you a mod that enables the “Take Selfie” interaction on the three GTW cameras and any custom camera that doesn’t use a custom object tuning. The overwritten xml tuning resources are located under the cut. This WILL be incompatible with anything else that modifies the listed object tuning files. I made three custom interaction tuning resources that combine the settings of “Take Photo” from each camera type and the “Take Selfie” from the phone. These three interaction tuning resources should not conflict with other mods as far as I know.
No EA tunings are overridden and the mod should not conflict with any other, BUT it does require version 3 of the XML injector which you can (and need to for this mod to work) download here.

And now without further delay here is the download link.

Terms of Use!

Stay safe, happy simming and have a great day!