Pride Shirts

Hello fellow simmers,

Now if you had any doubts before let me clarify now, I am gay AF. I would wear all of these shirts in reality*. Soooooo here they are for you sims. These shirts do work for female sims. You just need to enable the masculine fashion choice filter.

Previews of all of the designs and color options bellow the cut. There are two packages in the download folder. The previews bellow the cut are labeled with the corresponding package name. There is no “All in one” option as there are only two sets so far. I will more than likely be making more pride shirts in the future.

The designs are inspired by shirts I found on Zazzle but have all been created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

More details on the images under the cut.

And now without further delay here is the download link.


Terms of Use!

Stay safe, happy simming and have a great day!


* In the black color option obviously. 🖤