Glasses and Shoes Off Whilst Sleeping by Jamjars

Hey fellow Simmers,

This mod will remove any glasses and shoes from your sims when they are sleeping. Gone are the days of having to remove random glasses from your sims’ sleepwear, they’ll disappear on their own. As a glasses-wearer, I can tell you that wearing glasses to bed is rarely a good idea. This mod will also take your sims’ shoes off when they go to bed, such as slippers, but leaves their socks on. It will act on whatever your sim is currently wearing, so on both their sleepwear and also on their everyday outfits if they take a nap on the sofa.

A massive thank you to MonoChaos, for hosting this mod here for me.


Terms of Use!

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XMLs Modified

  • MoodBuff_Hidden_Asleep : S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000006A0B