Dark Yet Cute Toddler and Child Bedding

Hello fellow simmers,

And What do you know another update the next morning! This time it is some recolors of @simspirashun​’s toddler mattress found here, Toddler Bed Frames + Mattress. The original package is needed for this to work, and you will also need some toddler bed frames.

Most if not all of the patterns are from Vecteezy.

Edit as of 2022:

As I was going through all my old posts for the site’s redesign I discovered I never shared the single mattress version of this. So now it’s in the same zip as the toddler one from before. It’s just about as old. I will be posting a brand spanking new revamp of these once the site resign is completed. For now though the single mattress (child) requires @veranka’s single mattress found in this post here, IKEA HEMNES Bedroom & Mattresses for Bed Frames. You only need to download the mattress for it to work but you can grab the frame too if you have no separated bed frames.

And now without further delay here is the download link.


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