Terms of Use

From here on you refers to the reader and I/my/me refers to MonoChaos.

My Creations In General

Please do not upload my creations to other sites (including the exchange/gallery) link back to the original post instead.
If you create anything using my creations KEEP IT FREE! No profiting off my work. That’s just not nice.
Do not share the package files for my creations but share a link to this blog or the individual post instead.

My Meshes

Please do not alter my meshes, unless you are changing it into something completely different, which at that point you might as well have started with a maxis mesh.

My Textures

Please do not alter my textures. If you want another color option just ask and I’ll consider adding it.
My textures often include my own artwork/designs, so seriously PLEASE don’t alter my textures.


Can I/you make recolors of my hair meshes in such and such color palette?

Sorry no. I can’t really stop you from making them for personal use, but do not publish them. There are plenty of other hairs in the color palette you are looking for and I honestly have no use for hair colors outside of the maxis defaults. It’s not my play style.

Something not covered?

When in doubt ask. My email is located on the contact me page and even if it takes a couple days I will respond. I’m generally a nice person as long as you’re not a bleep.