Making Video Station Desks a tutorial by MonoChaos

What This Tutorial Teaches:

  1. How to clone and edit an EA 2×1 dining table or desk for MonoChaos’s Separated Video Station.

What This Tutorial Does NOT Teach:

  1. How to use blender.
  2. How to make textures.
  3. How to make a mesh from scratch.
  4. How to reticulate splines … or even wth that is.

What You Will Need to Complete This Tutorial:

  1. The latest Sims 4 Studio (S4S) release and the appropriate version of Blender. >> Download
  2. Something to take notes with.
  3. Access to a calculator if you can’t do math in your head.
  4. A basic knowledge of how to use Blender.
  5. The contents of this zip file here. >> Download
    (Please extract the contents to your working folder prior to starting the tutorial)
  6. And last but not least the Separated Video Station by MonoChaos. >> Download

Things To Remember While Following This Tutorial:

  1. Every mesh is different! The values you need to move things by may be different from mine. This is why I’m sharing my process and not just giving exact values to scale/move verts around to.
  2. The simpler your cloned mesh is the easier this will be.
  3. Shelving or decorative backs as well as drawers on the sides will get in the way. While it is possible to convert these sorts of desks those features will need to be removed. I will not be going over how to remove them.
  4. I use a 2×1 tile dining table in this tutorial but the steps are pretty much the same for converting a 2×1 tile desk.
  5. You will need to repeat all your edits for each LOD so be sure to take notes on what changes you make to your mesh.
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