Commission 07 – Blood Bank, CAS Set for Tazzo by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,

So back at the end of May I got a commission from the lovely Tazzo to make some CC for the main characters of the manhwa Blood Bank. About halfway through making the CC I realized that I had in a way gone back to my roots in CC making considering the very first bits of CC I made back in the day were Sims 2 paintings with boylove fanart slapped on them. 😅

Anyway on to the CC. I tried to make it as versatile as possible while still confining to the fandom without it being exclusive to the fandom. Does that make sense? I have no idea.

Tazzo was wonderful to work with and I hope this is the start of a friendship. 😊

The details for the individual packages inside the zip are on the images under the cut.

And now without further delay here is the download link.

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>>>Alternate Download (Coming Soon…)<<<

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Happy Simming and have a great day.

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