Gardening Plants, All Seasons, No Glow, and 10 Harvestables by MonoChaos

UPDATE October 1, 2021:
Added support for the EP03 Festival plants.
Added packages separated by pack for those who don’t own all of the packs.
Combined file is still available.
Included the necessary rig/slot overrides for the pineapple, mandrake and valerian plants to spawn 10 harvestables that somehow got lost from the upload at some point. 😅
Included a mesh replacement for the plasma tree, that was also lost somehow. 😅
Read the RTFM txt file for more details on with package is which.

UPDATE July 24, 2021:
Separated out the Cottage Living plants because they were throwing an LE when the pack is not installed. Re-downloading is only necessary if you do not own Cottage Living. New downloaders only use the package marked “MC_EP11Plants…” if you own Cottage Living. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

UPDATE July 21, 2021:
Updated for 1.77 patch.

UPDATE February 18, 2021:
Fixed a bug that made the Soy Beans, Quill Fruit and Glow Orbs unable to be planted. Please re-download. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this bug has caused.

Hello fellow simmers,
Today I bring you the second updated MonoChaos tuning mod. I deeply apologize for how long this is taking. Real life is kicking my butt right now and I’ve got the attention span of a hyperactive kitten thanks to it. BUT here is another updated mod. Yay!I had an old post on my blog with a similar mod that had a lot more flavors. I have now made that post private and will only be keeping this one updated.

What this mod does:

  • Makes all plants always in season
  • Removes the glow FX from the Forbidden and Grow fruit trees
  • Makes -almost- all plants yield 10 crops per harvest.

Known Less than 10 crop plants:

I know this plant only produces one seed per harvest I do plan on changing that eventually. If you notice any others please let me know.

  • Mosquito plant from GP04 Vampires
  • Mushrooms from EP11 Cottage Living

What this mod replaces and conflicts with:

This mod modifies all of the harvestable plant tuning files and will conflict with any other mod that does so.
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Terms of Use!
Happy Simming and have a great day.

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