No More Parenthood Phases by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,
Today I bring you a mod that I made a while ago but never had a good preview image for it. It came up inn a discord server today and I got permission to use the interested party’s screenshot.
What is the mod? Well initially I had wanted to make a mod that stopped the child and teen phases that are added with the parenthood pack but I failed. What I did accomplish and what this package does is reduce the time that the buffs given by the phase to one sim second or maybe it’s a sim minute but either way it’s short enough you’ll hardly notice it happen if it wasn’t for the notifications.
Edit April 20th, 2021: It was brought to my attention that this mod was broken so I took the opportunity to try again at the initial idea of stopping phases all together, and … IT WORKS! I also added a extra flavor that only stops the bear suit phase and leaves the others as is. They do not conflict with each other, but the No Bear Phase is not needed if you have the No Phases.
A list of the modified buff xmls is below the cut. This will conflict with anything that modifies the same xmls.
And now without further delay here is the download link.
>>>Patreon Download (public)<<<
>>>Mirror Download<<<
Terms of Use!
Happy Simming and have a great day.

XMLs Modified


  • loot_ChildhoodPhase_AddRandomPhase_Teen : 00000000000283F2
  • loot_ChildhoodPhase_AddRandomPhase_Child : 00000000000283F3


  • randomWeightedLoot_ChildhoodPhase_Child : 00000000000283EE
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