Child Unisex Tshirt with Cat Trait Icons by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,

Today I bring you a child tshirt with the cat trait icons on it as graphics. Yesterday I felt like creating something and realized I was lacking in black graphic tshirts for kids, but didn’t feel like making all of the same ones I had made for toddlers. After poking around in my folder of extracted icons I decided to use the cat trait icons as the graphics. I might do another one with the dog trait icons.


  • Basegame compatible
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Standalone Recolors
  • Ages: Child
  • Frame: Unisex
  • Fashion Choice: Both

Previews of all the color options under the cut.

And now without further delay here is the download link. SimFileShare no adfly as always.


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Happy Simming and have a great day.

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