Perfect Patio Open Layered Shirt in Plaid by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,

I’m still not up to speed with creating as you can probably tell from the lack of updates. Here is some I created a while ago and just recently put the finishing touches on. When I first saw this mesh back when I downloaded Perfect Patio I knew I had to figure out how to make it plaid. Here is finally is in plaid. I may make some more plaid button downs over tshirts after looking through what other meshes are available.


  • Perfect Patio Stuff required
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Standalone Recolors
  • Ages: Teen – Elder
  • Frame: Unisex
  • Fashion Choice: Masculine

Previews of all the color options under the cut.

And now without further delay here is the download link. SimFileShare no adfly as always.


Terms of Use!

Happy Simming and have a great day.

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