No More Stuffed Animal Relationships and All Stuffed Animal Interactions Unlocked

UPDATED July 21, 2021 for patch 1.77

Hello fellow simmers,

Today I bring you a mod that I should have made a long time ago. I’m sure I can’t be the only one annoyed by their child sims building a relationship with their giant stuffed animals. It ranks up there with the car relationships in the sims 3. So here is a mod that has two functions.

  1. It removes the ability to gain a relationship with any of the giant stuffed animals. It will not destroy existing relationships. To do that you need the sell the stuffed animal and replace it with a new one.
  2. It also unlocks all of the interactions between children and the stuffed animals. Since the child will no longer gain a relationship many of the interactions would remain unavailable so I unlocked them.

A list of the modified xmls is bellow the cut. This will conflict with anything that modifies the same xmls.

This is not a script mod. You need to unzip the zip file and place the package file in your mods folder.

And now without further delay here is the download link.

Terms of Use!

Happy Simming and have a great day.

XMLs Modified

  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAbout : 00000000000061B9
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAboutPast_Accept : 0000000000006199
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAboutPast_Reject : 00000000000061AD
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_CallNames : 00000000000061B5
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_CheerUp : 00000000000061B8
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_Hit : 0000000000002047
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_Hug : 0000000000002043
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_ImaginationPlay : 00000000000061BA
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_JokeAbout : 00000000000061B6
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_MakeFunOf : 00000000000061B7
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_PlayPeriodic : 0000000000008471
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellSecret_Accept : 0000000000006198
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellSecret_Reject : 00000000000061AF
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellStory : 00000000000061B3
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_ThreatenToThrowAway : 00000000000027F3
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_YellAt : 00000000000061B2
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_AskAbout : 000000000000845E
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_AskAboutPast : 000000000000845D
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_CallNames : 000000000000845B
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_ImaginationPlay : 0000000000008460
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_MakeFunOf : 000000000000845A
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_TellSecret : 000000000000845F
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_TellStory : 000000000000845C
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_ThreatenToThrowAway : 0000000000008458
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_YellAt : 0000000000008459
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