No More Stuffed Animal Relationships and All Stuffed Animal Interactions Unlocked

UPDATED July 21, 2021 for patch 1.77

Hello fellow simmers,
Today I bring you a mod that I should have made a long time ago. I’m sure I can’t be the only one annoyed by their child sims building a relationship with their giant stuffed animals. It ranks up there with the car relationships in the sims 3. So here is a mod that has two functions.

  1. It removes the ability to gain a relationship with any of the giant stuffed animals. It will not destroy existing relationships. To do that you need the sell the stuffed animal and replace it with a new one.
  2. It also unlocks all of the interactions between children and the stuffed animals. Since the child will no longer gain a relationship many of the interactions would remain unavailable so I unlocked them.

A list of the modified xmls is bellow the cut. This will conflict with anything that modifies the same xmls.
This is not a script mod. You need to unzip the zip file and place the package file in your mods folder.
And now without further delay here is the download link.
>>>Patreon Download (public)<<<
>>>Mirror Download<<<
Terms of Use!
Happy Simming and have a great day.

XMLs Modified

  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAbout : 00000000000061B9
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAboutPast_Accept : 0000000000006199
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_AskAboutPast_Reject : 00000000000061AD
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_CallNames : 00000000000061B5
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_CheerUp : 00000000000061B8
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_Hit : 0000000000002047
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_Hug : 0000000000002043
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_ImaginationPlay : 00000000000061BA
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_JokeAbout : 00000000000061B6
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_MakeFunOf : 00000000000061B7
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_PlayPeriodic : 0000000000008471
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellSecret_Accept : 0000000000006198
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellSecret_Reject : 00000000000061AF
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_TellStory : 00000000000061B3
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_ThreatenToThrowAway : 00000000000027F3
  • Loot_StuffedAnimal_YellAt : 00000000000061B2
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_AskAbout : 000000000000845E
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_AskAboutPast : 000000000000845D
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_CallNames : 000000000000845B
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_ImaginationPlay : 0000000000008460
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_MakeFunOf : 000000000000845A
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_TellSecret : 000000000000845F
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_TellStory : 000000000000845C
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_ThreatenToThrowAway : 0000000000008458
  • stuffedAnimal_Talk_YellAt : 0000000000008459
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