Goodbye Sims

Hello Simmers,

Today I bring you the sad news that I am retiring after 22 years of simming. The entire The Sims franchise no longer brings me joy only stress. So with much sadness it is time for me to go. I already paused payment yesterday so no refunds should be necessary. Contact me if you got charged for August and I will look into it. Please contact via the methods linked further on. I will be unlaunching my Patreon in a week and within that time re-purposing my discord server from a sims creator server to a general gaming friends server. You are welcome to stay or leave, no hard feelings. I will be kicking lurkers. All links pointing to my Patreon have already been removed from this blog.

My content will still be available on this blog, although it will remain unmaintained/use-at-your-own-risk, my TOU (Terms of Use) still stay in effect, please respect that.

If you are a modder and are interested in re-adopting any mods that I have adopted from others, please contact me. You can find my contact details here:

With a heavy heart I say goodbye. I really appreciated all the support and love. Until we meet again in another gaming community.