EP11 Villager Quest Limit Increase by MonoChaos

Hello fellow simmers,

Now for the loser of the poll in my discord server, Cottage Living villager quest limit increase! 🥳 First of all the default limit to how many active villager quests you can have is 3 at once. That is way too low for my play style especially when you get stuck with three that will take your sim weeks to complete, it’s probably more like days but with my play style it feels much longer. So I set out to remove the limit completely and found that if I want to stick to XML modding I can increase but not remove the limit. Next I counted up all the quests that you can possibly have at once, twelve. Now there are three flavors to this mod, the first increases the limit to 6 active quests, the second flavor increases to 12 and the last increases to 24, ya know just in case I missed some while counting. 😂 So here you are a limit “remover” for the villager quests. 🎉

A list of the modified xmls is below the cut. This will conflict with anything that modifies the same xmls.

This is not a script mod. You need to unzip the zip file and place the package file in your mods folder.

And now without further delay here is the download link.


Terms of Use!

Happy Simming and have a great day.

XMLs Modified

  • careers_VillagerHelp : 000000000003FB1D
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_Agatha : 000000000003FD7B
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_Agnes : 000000000003FB5F
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_CritterTender : 000000000003FD7F
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_GroceryDelivery : 000000000003FD7D
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_GroceryOwner : 000000000003FD7C
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_Mayor : 000000000003FC8C
  • oddJobPicker_VillagerHelp_QuestPicker_PubOwner : 000000000003FD7E